The Secret of A Good Life: Home Decor Items

The Secret of A Good Life: Home Decor Items

Creating an environment requires countless choices. To furnish with style and character, an overview and the selection of details are essential. In fact, the latter are the architects of the transformation of a place from anonymous to full of personality. Let's see how to choose furnishing accessories to decorate the space, taking into account the fact that for us at Aoin the vision of the furnishing accessory is closely linked to the concept of decoration.


In Aoin we favor a simple and refined style. We combine the pleasantness of sober and measured products with attention to details of materials, textures, colors and trends, mixed together to stand out with originality. Our interior design proposals revolve around small pieces: lighting elements, carpets, paintings, ceramics, sideboards, plants, kitchen items, mirrors and coffee tables. It is a trick that allows you to face the transformation of any space with serenity, regardless of the preferred style.


How to choose the home decor items to decorate the space and improve your life? Here are the basic tips for decorating a room with taste:

  • Prefer neutral tones for larger furniture and for the most important finishes such as walls, ceiling and floors; in this way you create a sort of fixed backdrop on which to intervene, a backdrop that concerns the more expensive elements of the furniture or those that have a greater impact if you decide to change them, even in terms of time and bustle at home.

  • Choose a theme to give character to each space, such as a color, a material, a style or even a memory of a vacation that has taken possession of your thoughts; the theme is important because, following it, it is easier to ensure consistency between the accessories, even chosen at different times, and therefore a harmonious overall result.

  • Add a few furnishing accessories with character, remembering that an iconic design piece can enhance an entire interior on its own and that, if you intervene on cushions, rugs and lamps, you can change the entire mood of an environment with just a few touches.


The color you give to the rooms is important as it is the basis on which to place all your objects and have the pleasure of returning home to live your lifestyle with serenity!

To choose the decisive color of a room, it is important to define which style you want to give it: classic, opulent, minimalist, pastel tones. The important thing is that it resembles you. If you are in doubt, avoid too bright colors: in the long run, you risk regretting it.

The orientation of the room is crucial in the choice of colors. To the north, a room has little exposure to the sun. In this case it is better to opt for warm tones (yellow, orange ...), to cheer it up and make the environment brighter. For the south, cooler colors (blue, green, white…) are good, as they “refresh” a room bathed in the sun. On the east side, the more neutral tones (cream, gray) are to be preferred to make the atmosphere more welcoming. Finally, as the sun sets in the west, you can choose colder or neutral shades (white, gray, plum) for the rooms facing this direction.