They will knock you down with a feather ;)

I have a ton of sorta-friends and a few kinda-close friends! A few true friends is a hell of a lot better than some fake ones for sure! Quality is better than quantity! Agree?  Having a few close friends gives you someone you can always talk to, and be comfortable talking to. Hmm okay okay enough! My head is going 'loko' already. It hurt's like hell! 
Anyway, meet my girlfriends Rhea Bue, Chelsie Catingub and Angel Bugarin

(Photography: Meryll Catalan and yours truly, Models: Chelsea Catingub and Rhea Bue)

(Photography: Rhea Bue, Model: Angel Bugarin)

How about you, Which do you prefer a few close friends than lots of not-so-good friends? Au Revoir!