Wedding Dress For Lifetime Promise

Howdy! We all know I am a Zamboangueña and I'm a fashion blogger who wants to dress up too. New Year is around the corner and got countless of invites already for these coming holidays. This is one of the reason why I love end of the year!

Let Landybridal Design Your Dress

Yea. I know what you think! Am I that desperate or eager to get married? Uh-huh! You are definitely wrong! Well of course, who doesn't want to get married? Everyone does! Venues, guests and dresses are all important things. You wanna have an unforgettable experience because this happens just once! 

Dressesofgirl For The Entourage

As promised, I can't just plan what to wear on my special day. Of course, I have my entourage and bridesmaid are one of the important people on the list. I want something that will match my gown for a unique entourage or even just color themed will do.

Brighter Future With Dresswe

Omg, it's been weeks or shall I say months since I blog! I am very sorry but I always think on what to blog. Honestly I am going through a lot of things lately and even I've got a lot of things to blog but time won't let me do it. Well, it's the matter of priorities but I'm not saying my blog isn't on my list, it's just that there's more important things. Oh enough with my dramas and let me share you something! Are you ready?