Stripes x Ruffles

What I wear resembles what I feel right now...

Once upon a star...

Once upon a star I got my heart broken...

Inspired by Zaful's

Well, I’m not just excited for Mother’s day on this month but also because it’s the birth month of my Achi (sister) and also my dad. I have a Chinese blood somehow (I know, that’s contradict my beautiful morena skin. Haha!) and traditionally we usually wear something red during special occasions. Did you ever know why? It is because the red color is a sign of "happiness and good fortune".

Since their birthdays are along the corner I am thinking what style of red dress will I wear. There are a lot of ways on how or where to look for inspiration and style. We can ask like what I did on my previous post or we can grab the latest magazines and etc. Lucky me while browsing the net, I came acrossed on Zaful’s Unique Red Dresses.  I swear, with so many styles I almost wanted to pick all their dresses but still managed to pick some pieces that struck me most. 

Let's be formal

What are you up to these coming months? Are you getting married, celebrating your birthday or are you a mom or a daughter who is excited this coming Mother's day?