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Dress At Your Best

Omg July is around the corner and summer isn't over yet!!! Do you agree? Well, it's always summer for me!

Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Willamette Valley

Famous for lush valleys and wine tasting, Willamette valley presents an opportunity for an amazingly romantic getaway. Also, known as Oregon wine country, the valley is known for its exceptional cuisine, beautiful wineries, secluded campgrounds, and its relative proximity to some of the best beaches in America including the famous cannon beach.

You Name It, We Make It

 Oh it's almost June, therefore bell's ringing for a lot of couples soon! Some are getting married and some are starting to promise a road to forever to their loved ones. Which one are you?

How To Take Good Pictures With Your Phone

Today, I'm going to share a simple steps on how I take good pictures with my phone without editing! Yasss! Shall we?