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The Vegan Ketogenic Diet

People have various reasons for choosing to go vegan. Some people do it for health reasons, some people do it to try new things but the majority of people choose to go vegan because it is a lifestyle that prevents cruelty to animals in any way. It is a lifestyle that is also very conscious of the environment. 

5 Characteristics Strong Women Have In Common

With support from each other, women are becoming more empowered than ever before. This is not to say that there are still extreme inequalities being perpetuated. However, there is a growing shift in which we are seeing more and more strong women on our social platforms and in news articles.

5 Platinum Alternatives That Can Save You Big Bucks When Buying Engagement Rings

There is no questioning the fact that buying a platinum and diamond ring is the traditional way to go when buying an engagement ring. However, the steep price of platinum rings makes it an impractical option for some couples. A lot of couples make it a point to fund their own weddings and have limited funds to work with. They often look for alternative metal options that look just as good as platinum but without the premium price.

New Year, New You

Happy new year everyone! It's been a busy month from new year parties to birthday bash to festivities! Therefore, I gotta prep myself every single time to look good! So what's my secret?