Curling Iron No More

I honestly missing my long hair these past few days. Thinking to let it grow long once more...

Summer Forever

 Have you ever tried writing and you felt something is wrong then you decided to do it from scratch again? Hell yea! Hah! Anyhoo! Let me share you what's on my mind right now!

Love At First Sight

Some of the things that you can see inside my bag. Let's take a look of the details of each lovely pieces! 

It Calls For Escapade

Hey guys! Christmas is around the corner and therefore, it's vacation time! What do you usually do if you will going to spend an escapade with fambam? Read more to know how vacation looks like when I am with my family!

Style Your Dress

At 24, I feel I am still in the middle of no where. I mean, I have future plans but I am still in the "not getting there" stage. Well, of course, we don't get right there and there, it is a slow and long process and we just have to keep on trying and get experience but what is important we learn from it. Right?

I want to have a stable job already, start my own business but na-ah not there yet. Actually, I am thinking of what business to start and remembered my online shop before. I searched for shops that will inspire me and I bumped into this shop, that provide high quality at the same time unique design.