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Mother's Day & Father's Day Special Giveaway

This time, a special giveaway for someone special!
Let's show some love to our mama and papa! Shall we?

Summer International Giveaway

Summer is here!!! I, and my other co-bloggers, Lhyzie of www.lhyziebongon.com, Zwitsy of www.ramblingduo.com and Divine of www.mizdee.com are definitely excited to spend it with you! Who's up for Summer International Giveaway?  Check out some goodies and spread some love!

Who takes care of your hair?

Ever since I tried bleaching my hair for the first time, check my previous post - Hair Transformation, some of you wondered how I take care of my tresses right after. What's my secret?

Hair Transformation

It's surely a 'New Year, New Me' for me! Why? Because before 2017 ended, I decided to get rid off my super dark natural tresses into something different. Want to see the transformation?