A Blessing In Disguise

We are few months away before we bid this year goodbye, how are you so far?

Businesses, schools, and work looks different this year due to this pandemic. We all faced and still facing more challenges in our everyday lives, from remote learning, balancing home and work responsibilities, and most importantly, our health and safety.

How did you face these abrupt changes? Did it give you a positive or negative effect or did you take it as a challenge and live with it? I know we are all struggling but I want you to know it's not what Covid did but it's how we respond to it.

Let me share a story what happened and what I did during this difficult situation. Before March, I'm actually in the middle of a situation that's not so pleasing, so when this pandemic happened, it's somewhat a blessing in disguise. Why? Because the situation I am in that moment got paused. Yes!

I am blessed in a way I found myself during those moments up until now. I kept myself away from anything and anyone that no longer serves megrows me, or makes me happyI found peace within me!

To cut it short, I literally continue to live my life and strive harder. I am happy to say that I am blessed to have an amazing clients (full-time and freelance.) Always believe in yourself and don't sell yourself short because you deserve everything in this world! Be firm in every decisions and remember, the choices we make are the consequences we choose. Just keep choosing what makes you happy. Patience is the key because everything comes to you at the right time!

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