Top Fashion Designers of Zamboanga City

WARNING: Heavy image post ahead!

"Haute Couture" - Not Just Another French Word
"Haute couture designs are often seen as impractical and even "costumey," there is no denying that no other form of fashion is as visually amazing as haute couture - each season designers take risks with materials, cut, and fit, and continually create stunning garments."

Designer: Al-Shamer and Geronie

Designer: Altom Tiubot
Designer: Angking Francisco
Designer: Donald Green Lim
Designer: Federico Navarro
Designer: Jan Arshid Abdulbari
Designer: Neri Jaruda
Designer: Nilo Lacson
Designer: Usni Sali

(Photography by yours truly)

Enjoying my baby a.k.a. my DSLR very much! It gave me moolah $.$ 
Anyway, Which design do you like best?