Valentines x Anniversary Celebration

Bonjour! How's everyone going? Mine is pretty hectic.  Been busy doing household chores.  Honestly, It's very tired but for my mum i'll do anything. Cheesssyy! 
Moving on...Imma share to you my Valentines x Anniversary Celebration with K.  I really don't know what to give or what to surprise him 'cause we don't usually celebrate our monthsary or whatnot! Eek  So, I was starting to reminisced how we started then I decided to write our memorable moments each month. :down:

After making it, I wonder where I could place each of them. 
First, I placed on top of his motorcycle's speedometer!
Second, I placed on top of the lappy!

All I thought he will open the lappy and will hold the mouse but epic fail! 
So, I placed it on top of the door knob. 

I'm not yet done with my surprise! But I need to get ready for our dinner date!  
K ordered and while waiting...
We took each others photo. 
We just ordered an Iced Tea and... 
Porkchop and Pansit.  I'm not a heavy eater and so as him. That's enough for the two of us.
Actually, that's too much already! 
Before we went home, We took photos again and again! 
Don't forget to hype it here. :down:

Thanks for the waitress!  We bought some drinks and something to nibble!
Oops. Sorry. Taking photos like a ninja! 

Cheers! While his preparing. I couldn't think of any idea where i could put those "surprise thingy". Not after I heard him walking going upstairs, I right away placed everything each on the floor!
and the last on top of our door mat!  That was crazy!!! Look at him! :down:
That's it! Haha He was like O.O speechless!
We had sweets and curls too!
This was the last photo I took. Explaining my surprise to him while eating and soundtrip~ing! 
Ohh for our Valentine's, He got me some flowers and we had this Ice Watches!
If you remember, It's one of our Valentine's Wishlist. 
So, I'll end my post with this, Who would have thought that he's once just a stranger who used to pass me by without even saying hi, when now he's someone with whom I share the best moments of my life? 
Goodnight Everyone! Xo, lalala