Zamboanga Bloggers Meetup III

Finally! I met new Zamboanga Bloggers and most of us were a fashion bloggers! We did relate each other when Rhea and Jannie shared some tips about how to earn from blogging and other stuff that would help us gain more followers.:uptum:

I'm happy cause' we have learned something new and not just another food trip meet up. Haha kidding! Though we were just few who attended at least I met new faces, a beautiful faces!
Let's meet them. :down:

 My never ending random shots. Yummy sandwich!
 and Abasco Pepper Sauce. :peace:
 Jannie was discussing something...:peace:
 Meet our Korean friend Patsy!
 Hey Ropa Jane! What are you thinking? 
 Cee's doing her job! :peace:
 Tasha and Nelka! Pretty ladies! :uptum:
 Shine and mine's milkshake! 
 If I'm not mistaken, I'm the only one with Nikon! Most of them were Canon! Haha
 Thanks to Garden Orchid!
 STICKY - a handmade yummy from Jannie! 
 Jannie and Kai throw a mini paraffle and lucky Ropa won! Heeee! Congrats! 
A photo with Kai and Jannie before I left! :) Photo from Rhea Bue!
What I wore that day...
 Social Form Corset
Hi-low Floral skirt from Bubbles
 Strappy Wedges from Five by five
Don't forget to hype! 

That's all for tonight! It's time to hit some lectures. A stressful life indeed! Have a nice week ahead! Don't forget to start your day with a smile! All comments are returned! Goodnight! Xo, lalala