Family Bonding

 Beanie Hat from Greenhills | Top from artwork | Necklace from Folded and Hung (OFFICIAL)
Beaded Shorts (DIY) from mom | Flats from Parisian Shoes and Bags

"Lookbook~ing" K. 
 Cap & Vans shoes from PMLP Apparel | Customized Shirt from Grafix Factory
Mirror photos...  



Cute little boy! Thanks ninang Nicole and ninong JC for the shirt! 

Meet my cousin Erika, Kian, Mum & Dad! 

I really miss family bonding! Good thing my mum invited us awhile ago to light some candles in Fort Pilar then we ate our dinner out. Thank God! Tomorrow is another day, hoping for another bonding time with the family. :peace: I hope your enjoying your long weekend guys! Let us treasure every moment and everyone in our lives. Adios! xo, lalala