Happy Halloween!


Meet the skull head baby, Meryll (Follow her on Instagram - @merylljane). 
 Meet the creepy ventriloquist doll! 

Contact Lenses from Red Jhelli Shop |  Some make up from Beauty's Treasure | Eye Falsies from Kkcenterhk
HMUA Janna Joshelle of Jannieology | Photos By Clique Production

Kkcenterhk eye falsies. Ever since I got them in the mail, I cant wait to play around with them. I remember we're going to have a special shoot! So, I think these lashes are just so dramatic and perfect! It helped create the perfect look for our Halloween shoot! :peace:

Actually, It meets Jannie's goal for making my eyes big! Superb! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these lashes, the strip is really strong. I wear lashes all the time and even going home. Aside from being gorgeous, these are also durable enough to keep for several uses! :uptum: Since these lashes were not that heavy and thick, It will be perfect for any holiday occasion.  This look will never be this awesome without those lashes! Thanks to the generous sponsor, Kkcenterhk 

Red Jhelli Shop contact lenses. Jhia your contact lenses never fails me! T'was just a review purposes but see? I could wear them anytime! Thank you so much! 
Janna Joshelle of Jannieology. We were so lucky to collaborate with you! What more can I say? You have a bright future ahead of you! Keep it up! :uptum::uptum:

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Zamboanga Bloggers Collab Giveaway
Zamboanga Bloggers Collab Giveaway