I miss you, Cebu!

"Always remember to smile!" ツ 

Paparazzi doing his job. 
Boarding time...See you in a bit Cebu! :peace:
We just slept the whole time. Phew! 
Look! We're with @merylljane and Jolas! 
The little chinese boy woke up when we arrived! 

Super excited! So after we checked in our things to the hotel, we headed right away to the mall. :down:
A Spookytacular Halloween! Luckily we were able to have a photo opp here cause the next time we went it's gone already! 
Pink Madness! 
Super expensive for a super worth it things. 
After roaming around. We were all tired! We went back to the hotel and rest. :uptum:

Around 7pm, we woke up and waited for our food! Comparing our shoe size! 
Dinner's ready! Bon Apetite! 
Planning to chill with this gorgeous friend and Karen. But unfortunately we didn't go with them. 
 Instead we decided to stay and rest the whole night. Kian's not feeling well too. Manya the whole night. 
I'm sharing you our first stay in Cebu. We just went Malling and bought some stuff for Kian. :uptum: Never I got an opportunity to strike a pose for my lookbook because of the little kiddo! He's really such a pain in the ass! Haha kidding!  Nevermind with the lookbook photos as long as he enjoyed his first day. Moments that matter most!  Wait for my next post (2nd day) as I share to you the Hotel photos. :peace:

www.lalalapatricia.info is hitting 46,000 all time hits tonight. Thanks for the support guys! Don't forget to join my on going giveaway! Click down below. Til' my next post. Adios! Xo, lalala 
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