Sunday Outfit

Sunday Outfit! 

Waterfall Cardigan from Eightyfifth Closet | Siliman Top | Mossimo Shorts | Michael Antonio Heels
Just four pieces made my Sunday Outfit complete! Look how I mixed high branded to low branded clothes! We can always be fabulous with a simple clothes and less accessories for an ordinary day. right? Thanks again to Mich Enriquez of Eightyfifth Closet for sponsoring this so called waterfall cardigan! Honestly, when I first saw this some questions popped in my mind like "What's this? How do I wear this?"  Until I saw samples from her shop and tried it to myself. Hah! :peace: Do you like my simple Sunday Outfit? Don't forget to hit the hype button! Thanks! 

So awhile ago, we left home just to buy something for our hungry tummy. For us, our family day will never be complete without munching some food!  How about you? How are you ending your week? Hope you are all enjoying! Don't forget to join my on going giveaways! Adios! Xo, lalala 
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