Happy Centennial Ateneans!


Opening number from Unidiversity Street:uptum:
Followed by intermission number by Guyz n Flizick
THE LIONS, started the fire! 
THE TIGERS, gave their best shot! They were very HOT! :uptum:
THE PHOENIX performs very humble! :peace:
THE DRAGON set another fire! Very powerful dance! 

THE GRIFFIN did great because of their passion! 
THE HIGH SCHOOL rocked the dance floor too. :peace:
AND OF COURSE, THE ANGELS performance was professionally done! :uptum: 
Closed by the Blue Vigors! 
Well as you can see, the dancers were so intense! Just with their attitude and the way they dance, everybody wants to be the champion! For me, Nursing Angels already proved something and I am so proud of them. Win or lose, we're still number one! GO ANGELS!  xo, lalala
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