I Shop For A Cause

I shop for a cause! 

Ring, Top & Bottom from  Click Online Boutique | Blazer WAGW | Chick Flick Heels

These pieces brought me in Tzu Chi - One Mega Fair Event! What do you think? Don't forget to hit the love button if it's yay for you!  
I honestly want the ring, top and bottom sponsored by Lilet Teh from Click Online BoutiqueSwear with no bola! Who wouldn't love these lovely pieces? I mean some sponsors choose random and not so trendy stuff just to let us blogger review for the sake of advertising their shop on our blog. right?  But Ms. Lilet was so accommodating and a very down to earth person too!  I know I know! How could I judged her so fast in a positive way? Sometimes when sponsors update you time to time or whatnot, it's very nice to know that the sponsor is interested or has good intention and not just for the sake of the advertisement.:uptum:
Hey bloggers and readers sometimes we must always put in our mind that a sponsor is a sponsor but has a good heart and intention. What are you waiting for guys? She's all set for 92nd Sale Collection! Just one click to her shop below and enjoy shopping! :peace:

Saw many familiar faces and so many wonderful / affordable pieces! Check it out some stufff and people I spotted. :down:
Tzu Chi - One Mega Fair Year 2012
 Amaro Hairbows
 Grafix Factory
 Accessories to love! 
 Cupcakes overload! 
 On the spot sketching of portraits! Amazing! :uptum:
 The famous emcee in every events, Richie! 
 With Jannie! Jhia, I gave na the chicharon to her! Finally! 
Finally met Mich Enriquez of 85th Closet! Bought most of my stuff at her shop! 
 Lastly a photo with the Mayor! 
How did you end your week? I hope you started your Monday right as it goes well with the coming days. :uptum:Thanks for all the support guys! Don't forget to join my on going giveaway. Ciao. Xo, lalala 
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