Lookbook Struggles

 My lookbook struggles...
Before anything else, let me share another 2 in 1 OOTD. Just reviewing the polo for the 12  Days of Christmas Giveaway winner!  I hope you like how I styled the cut out shoulder polo from Sugar Plum. :peace:
I paired it with black hat + Bandage Skirt + Heels. What do you think? Just like a country side girl or more of a cowgirl? Whatever it is.  I hope It still looks good. Gimme some love. :down:

This time I decided to paired it up with a floral skirt + native hat and wedge. What do you think? Honestly I love the second outfit cause' it's not my usual outfit. It turned out just right. :uptum:
So now i'm going to share why I look so haggard and some of my struggles when it comes to taking lookbook photos. 
  • Location - If only we have a good ambiance or even just a good lighting here in our house but got nothing, just this wall and at the terrace but still it depressed me because it is in serious need of some love.  sigh*
  • Photographer - Though I have my little cousin and K but they won't always be there or in the mood to take some lookbook photos of mine. I just have to accept that!  That's why yesterday I badly tweeted "I need a new boyfriend - Tripod & Remote."  I guess I need to replace a new sensible tripod and batteries for my remote pronto.
That's my top 2 serious struggles. How about you? Share it with me! Let's call it a day as I will get ready for another work tomorrow - An Assistant Coordinator. :peace: Wish me and @merylljane some luck! Thanks! Don't forget to join my on going giveaway! I'll be launching another one, a year end giveaway! Watch out. Xo, lalala 
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