Something to Be Proud Of

Something to be proud of! I have less than 100 days to go & goodbye college life! *crossingmyfingerstight* :peace:

Lights, Camera, Action! SMILE. 
First with my gala uniform! 
OMG! Don't mind my double chin! I'm just overjoyed with my second set; Wearing my toga! 
Corset & Blazer from Eightyfifth Closet | Peplum Skirt | Michael Antonio Heels |
Child's Play Accessories & HMUA | @Merylljane for the photos

Honestly, this is a last minute preparation! I cannot think of any glam fashion outfit and So I guess a blazer, lacey corset, peplum skirt (since it's super trendy these days), plus my dazzling heels nailed my look! :uptum: What do you think? Did I reach the glam fashion look? Give me some love! 
Meet Child's Play Crews! I'm with the make up artist, hair stylist and assistant/manager. 
The toga / gala camera man. He's doing his job well by assisting or fixing client's posture or even the hair! 
Another camera man, in charge for the glam rock fashion set!
Yay! That made my 121212 memorable! Who wouldn't be happy that day when you accomplished so many exciting and unexpected things! I can't explain how I feel, I mean how happy I am! Hah! :"> Anyway, How about yours? Is your 121212 memorable too? Yes or No? Why? Share it with me! I'll be glad hearing your 121212 stories too! Til' my next post! I'm currently working now! Ciao! Xo, lalala 
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