With my (C)razy Family

You're like a diamond...tralalala!

DIY Tassel Necklace| Peplum Dress from Eightyfifth Closet | Michael Antonio Heels

Since Ate Mich the owner of Eightyfifth Closet requested me to wear this peplum dress before giving it  away, I grabbed the opportunity to wear it on our Christmas Party last night. Did i look like a grown up professional woman? Yay! In my dreams!  Honestly,  I didn't think it would look good on me but well nothing is impossible! Paired it with Michael Antonio heels to add a little spice on my outfit. Hope you like it! Don't forget to visit Eightyfifth Closet to check other colors and adorable-trendy clothes to wear this holiday!  Happy Shopping!:uptum:Gimme some love and click the hype button!  Thank you!
With my (C)razy Family! 
End my night chilling with Clique Production's Staffs!
I'll let the photos speak for itself 'cause I got errands to do! I'll get back with another outfit post for you guys! My bloggie just reached its 20,000 unique hits now.  Thanks for all support. In return, join my giveaway for some santa goodies! Ciao. Xo, lalala 
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