"Not only will I aim for success, I will persist until I reach that success." :uptum:


ECG Bag | Bodycon Dress from mom | Michael Antonio Heels

This is what I wore yesterday during our last exam just exclude the heels and I toughen up the simple bodycon dress that mom gave me with a knit cardigan to cover up cause' I don't like being the center of attention! Hah! What canit the love button up there! Thanks! 

Thank God midterm exams are finally over! I could say that I did my best and hoping for a good results! What's with my title post by the way? Are you familiar with the word? Let me share you something. Paiting is a power word - a Korean expression for 'You can do it!' - because whatever trials I will face, I will always find ways to reach my goals. Thanks to Belle De Jour for this inspiring words! The planner is worth to buy. Grab one for yourself! Xo, lalala 
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