Stressful yet productive day

 Stressful yet productive day...

 Monkee Business Flutter Sleeved Polo Top | Cianelle Strappy Leggings | Solemate Flats

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Kian and I left at home and decided to let him sleep then do the laundry. After almost 2 hours of sleep he woke up and acting like crap. Well kids nowadays! Unexpectedly I was the one who work rather than K? After doing the laundry and Kian? Are you kidding me? But I can't do anything so I rushed and grabbed some clothes to wear...

I just grabbed and pulled out whatever in the closet that strikes me then tried it. Luckily I saw this flutter sleeved polo top from Monkee Business and it was perfectly fit with the wedding event. I love how the  flutter sleeved details making it's own statement, I mean you don't have to worry about the top 'cause it's pretty skillful on it's own. Agree? Tried pairing it with floral shorts but K (a.k.a. my "fashion stylist") don't like it. So, without a second thought I pulled my strappy leggings out. If only I have a back photo of it, you'll surely love it! It's transparent and it gives you a sexy looking without showing off your skin! Thumbs up! Time to hit the sack and will return some love tomorrow! Goodnight! Xo, lalala 
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