If I want to get ahead...

 If I want to get ahead, I have to get started! 

Sunnies from Fab Kikay | Thrifted Denim Floral Outwear & Accessories | F & F Top | 
Mossimo Shorts | Michael Antonio Heels | Peppermint's Ponytails 

What's up with you guys? This is what I wore during our review awhile ago. Just opted to wear something basic. Plain top with a pastel color and a plain denim shorts. I decided not to look plain so I completed my outfit with the floral denim outwear. My feminine side won't miss every outfits for sure. It's just so perfect that floral colors matches with my top right? Plus I grabbed away my spikey bracelet & sunnies then I'm ready to go.

Since my layered hair and bangs distracts me while answering some tricky questions, I shaped and pulled my hair up with the cute bow ponytail from Peppermint. That's it. Another denim inspired outfit but let's give it up for my feminine side. What can you say? Don't forget to share some love. Before starting your week, Be inspired with BDJ quote, "If you want to get ahead, You have to get started!" Xo, lalala.