Sunday Breeze

Spending quality time with ze family at the beach! ☀

Fab kikay Sunnies | Anti- Fashion Manila Bow Lace | Kamison Closet Swimwear
| Jellybean Bolero and Shorts from Trix | Long Skirt Mom's Closet | GEORGE flats

What can you say about my 3 outfits in 1 day? If you read my previous post which is the Summer x January Wishlist, It was inspired by my outfit post today plus I got some of my wishlist already. See the round sunnies? I got it from Fab kikay! Isn't it cute? I paired it with my over-used bow lace top from Anti-Fashion Manila to give me that laid-back look. How about my swimwear? It's actually a high-waist bottom from Kamison Closet! It's super duper pretty like Katy Perry! It was actually inspired by her.  Raided mom's closet for the skirt and to complete my outfit I wore flats from GEORGE.

Did you guys notice I matched all the old stuff from the vintage sunnies down to the old long skirt from mom. It gave me a vintage-y look. isn't it? You don't have to use or buy expensive clothes. Just use your imagination plus think creatively! That's it! Til' my next post. Goodnight! Xo, lalala