Someone graduated from Ateneo today!


Glam Shot

I'm proud to share my final set of Graduation pictorial photos! I hope you guys are also proud of me! Tehe! I'm super happy that my roller coaster life in college is over! Sleepless nights, non-stop exams and etc...Taking nursing is not what I expected. I could have made it last year but everything has a reason!

Being a young mom is not easy but I'm proud that I never thought of ruining my dreams instead I continue reaching it! We make our own life, we choose and decide for own good. Whatever happens we should not take it for granted; Let's face and learn from it!

"Since that has happened to you, you can't go back from the past. Just forget and start all over again...I have no regrets, JUST START AGAIN AND LOOK FORWARD. FORGET WHAT HAPPENED AND DON'T WORRY! I love you" - From dad. :">

Farewell college life! Welcome to the next chapter of my life! Let's all witness what God has in store for me! Xo, lalala