Hey Skully

Say hello skully!

K's Bonnet | Bijoux de Lou Ring | Forever 21 Bracelet | Fab Kikay Farrow Sunnies | DIY Cut Out Tikisan Tee from yours truly | Jordache Folded Shorts | Michael Antonio Heels

Been wearing shade of black these past few days and i'm loving the outcome! Did you notice the cut out skully tee? Well because of power interruption in our city. I've scoured the internet searching for cool-easy DIY and led to this skully tee. Since this cute tikisan shirt didn't fit K, he gave it to me instead. So I did some magic! Experimenting is a good thing, you'll get to know your sense of style more! From the front print to the skully cut out surprise at the back? It met the edgy-sexy statement plus it's made with love by yours truly! I know that little twist totally nailed the whole outfit! What do you think?

To balance the outfit I paired it with a folded denim shorts to catch everyone's attention on the top! Adding a little impact with this cute sunnies and bonnet! I ended up wearing my black heels to reduce clutter! Xo, lalala