April x May Review Outfits

April x May Review Outfits 

Sweater from Le Mom | Pleated Skirt c/o ClickOnlineBoutique
Cejon Scarf | Memo Woman Blazer | Leopard Top from Chelsea C. Farrell | 
Shorts from Thrifted Store | Michael Antonio Philippines Heels
Hair bow c/o Peppermint Old Navy Scarf  | Sweater from Mom | Forever 21 Jeans
Top c/o Eightyfifth Closet | Galaxy Leggings from Local Store | 
Arm Candy's Cross Bracelet from Le Bestfriend | Heels c/o wholesale-dress.net
Nipon Studio Oversized Cardigan | Fancy Necklace from Hodge Podge | 
Leopard Scarf / Oversized Top from Le Mom | Local Store Cut-Out Shorts
Nipon Studio Oversized Sweater | Top from Monkee Business | 
Pleated Skirt from Thrift Store | Heels c/o wholesale-dress.net
Nipon Studio Oversized Sweater | Color Block Top from ClickOnlineBoutique | 
Tribal Leggings from Local Store | Booties c/o wholesale-dress.net
Artwork Tee | Bubbles High Low Skirt |  Armcandy Accessories & Sandals from Le Bestfriend |
Michaela Bag
(L) Nipon Studio Oversized Cardigan | Leopard Scarf / Midrib Top from Le Mom |
(R) Fancy Necklace from Hodge Podge | Jellybean Bolero | GTW Top | 
Lacer Shorts c/o Eightyfifth Closet
Dressing Clio Petite Dress | Cardigan & Belt from Le Sister
Hair bow c/o Peppermint | Cardigan c/o MiCh Enriquez of Eightyfifth Closet | Monkee BusinessTop | Bandage Skirt from Le Bestfriend | Michael Antonio Philippines Heels
Top c/o MiCh Enriquez of Eightyfifth Closet | No Boundaries Jacket | Pink Berry Cut Out Shorts |
Leopard Scarf from Le Mom | Monkee Business Top | Pink Berry Skirt | Accessories c/o Arm Candy Heels c/o wholesale-dress.net
Fabkikay Sunnies | Top from thrifted | Gap Overalls | Fivebyfive Wedge
Abstract Jacket from Le Mom | Top from K's mom | Thrifted Shorts | Vans from Prince Law 
Star Sweater from Le sister | Romper from K's tita
Dot Denim Cover Up| Artwork Owl Tee | SM Department Store Skirt
Arm Candy Cross Bracelet from le bestfriend | Michael Antonio Philippines Heels
Local Store Top | Shapes Shorts | Accessories c/o Arm Candy
Artwork Tee Hanes Jacket | Bubbles Ombre Shorts | Converse Bag
Bow Clip c/o Peppermint | Sweater from le mom | Olivier Stelli Skirt
Local Store Spikes Collar Top | Old Navy High Waisted Shorts | 
Armcandy Cross Bracelet from Le Bestfriend
Fabkikay Sunnies | Local Store Blazer | Apartment 8 Top c/o Sugar Plum | 
Mossimo Shorts | Michael Antonio Philippines Heels
Sister's Cardigan / Maxi Dress
Crissa Denim Top | Bayo Top and Skirt | Heels c/o wholesale-dress.net
DIY Tikisan Top | Taylor and Company Bandage Skirt from Le Bestfriend
Local Store Skull Top | White East Tag Jacket | Jordache Shorts

27 outfits all in one post! That was tiring but worth it! isn't it? I decided to post all in one because there were so many pending outfit/s post to blog. Anyhow, let me share to you some online shop that are worth to shop. Ready? Let's start from top to bottom...

Peppermint -  They sell many different types of products such as customized handmade bows and etc. You don't have to worry because they are too creative that will really satisfy you! 

Arm Candy - The owner customized handmade arm candies too! She also sells some top, bags, pouches and etc. Calling all girls who are fond of accessorizing their wrist and loves pink then definitely this shop is for you!

Fabkikay - Frame your face with some of their sunnies! From aviator, retro shades to latest sunglasses fashion trends. Affordable sunnies awaits you!

Eighty Fifth Closet - For those who are looking for cheap clothing in my place. You can check eighty fifth closet for affordable yet stylish clothing!

ClickOnlineBoutique - Gives you a mix of classic street wear and basic apparels! Visit Click Online Boutique for all styles available!

Prince Law - Sells fresh unisex headgear to footwear. Your on a budget? Prince Law has mix and match promo just for you!

Hodge Podge -  Is an online store which offers bottle cap merchandise in general, giving you the freedom to choose how you want your accessories to be - a keychain, a necklace, a magnet, a cellphone accessory, bookmark, pin / badge, mini ring, mini dangling earrings, etc. Our One-Stop Shop for Bottlecap Accessories!

Bubbles - "Bubbles your everyday fashion all at very affordable price! Express yourself and go with the trend! We're here to give you the latest in fashion."

Monkee Business -The main products of this shop is all focused on women clothing. There are various choices for all the seasons, such as dresses, blouses, etc. Young girls will surely enjoy their casual life with Monkee Business! 

Bayo - "It's strength lies in its ability and skill to create classic and stylish apparel and keeping in tune with what its market demands. Its focus is centered on its products, making them of good quality at very affordable prices." It's indeed our fabulously pinay fashion!

SM Department Store - "The country's leading one-stop lifestyle and fashion chain. For many decades now, and for countless shoppers, it offers the widest array of quality products at affordable prices, truly the epitome of "value for money" shopping."

Fivebyfive - Great selection of shoes!  If you're a shoe addict, Fivebyfive can find that one perfect pair just for you. 

Michael Antonio Philippines - "Season after season, they consistently strive to create footwear of the utmost quality and design aesthetic at a reasonable price point. Their vision is to stay a global leader in the footwear industry, continually meeting and surpassing the high standards of our exceedingly fashionable consumer base. As a brand, we are very sensitive to the needs of others throughout the world, and are very proud to sponsor and support several excellent charitable organizations." Indeed they brings latest styles to hit the fashion industry.

Wholesale-dress.net  - "All women love the discount. China wholesale women shoes will bring you big surprises here.No matter the styles and the prices,wholesale shoes will never make you disappointed. If you are lookingfor women shoes,girls shoes,or men shoes, China wholesale shoes will give you all for wholesaleprices. Besides,you could find what styles of shoes you want from left categories.Moreover,you know,wholesale means the cheap price. So the cheap shoes here are of good quality and low price.We will give best guarantees for you. Your shoes represent your taste,so come on for your surprises."

That's it! You've got a ton of choices. Hope that helpsSometimes, DIY works too! haha You just have to be creative or ask google for inspiration. It will never fail you! Make every piece of your wardrobe pop! x