Review Day 18

Sometimes, lucky charms are not the answer...

Accessories from Arm CandyBass Sweater | Apartment 8 Clothing Top from Sugar Plum |
Olivier Strelli Floral Skirt

At some point in our life, we do believe in lucky charm but sometimes, lucky charms are not enough and the only thing we should do is to believe in ourselves! From that, we can start working on achieving our goals and make our dreams come true. Whatever we do, we should always dedicate it for ourselves and not for others. It's for our future and not theirs.

Anyhow I tried balancing my peek-a-boo outfit, So, I paired my floral skirt with a plain cream top with a sexy details at the back! With the cold weather during our review, I guess you know why I have to cover up my skin. I love how the contrast between the thick sweater and sweet skirt works. Haha excuse my haggardness! Til' my next. Start your week right by joining my giveaway! x