Watch Xoxoarmcandy | Muscle Tee from Kikay Style |  Diamond Pants from House of Keezelle

I'm back! I hope this crisis will end this day, no more DAY 10 please! We were all scared and (insert-all-emoticons-here). This city will never be the same because some part of us were traumatized already. We don't deserve this. Let's continue praying for our city! God bless us everyone!

My outfit was kinda blank. I mean with all the happenings here in our city I just want it to freeze just like my first photo. My first levitation attempt! EPIC! This outfit makes me feel like a joker!  haha with those diamond pants! what do you think? Actually it was raining while doing that outfit shots! "Dancing in the rain" ika nga! I want to step out of my comfort zone.. I have to experiment and try new things soon! That's it for now! Goodnight! x