It's about time..

We want peace and not war!

Seventeen Denim Top | Aztec Skirt from Mom | Blue Wedges

I guess it's about time to inject some happy colors now! Thank God the war between rebels over us (People of Zamboanga, Militaries and etc) were kinda over now but still let's continue to pray for the safety of the evacuees and for all of us!

Moving on...I remembered one of these days while shooting, SM was campaigning for DENIM Sale! Since I got one for Stylebook, I was inspired and played with some colors that day. Good thing mom gave me this colorful Aztec skirt, just so perfect with my post. Coincidence huh! I wondered If it will turned out a good combo but yes! It met my expectations. I sprinkled fuschia blazer and electric blue wedges to highlight the whole get up! If only I was that creative during the day of my Stylebook Shoot maybe they'll pick me! Meh! No more disappointments. Just positive vibes! What can you say? x