Life is still beautiful

Life is still beautiful...

Watch from xoxoarmcandy | DIY Cut-Out Top | Floral Cardigan from Eightyfifth Closet | 
Skirt from House of Keezelle

The seventh-day crisis is not over yet and it breaks my heart every time I read heart breaking stories in some social networks. </3 If you know what I mean... Those vendors, jeepney and tricycle drivers, etc. I can't imagine how or what danger awaits them while they have to take risks just to survive and feed their families. These people and those around 60,000+ and counting evacuees are the ones who suffers and sacrifice much. It makes me sad while sharing you this kind of situation. So, allow me to make this story short. If ever you want to donate some money, food, and etc don't hesitate and email me at I promise to help them to the very best I can! Calling all bloggers out there, THEY BADLY NEED US! I hope we can help and do something about it. :(

So, what I wore? A DIY cut-out top by yours truly and paired it with a black skirt. Nothing less, nothing more. Just a simple peek-a-boo outfit!  And as a final touch, I covered up my skin with those floral cardigan. Oh look at that morena girl peeping at the curtains! *scared-y cat* :D Despite everything, life is truly beautiful. Let's be thankful for what we have and I hope we could help and be generous to those in need! God bless everyone! x