Turn your inspiration into action

Top c/o @fancybumblebee | Fab Kikay shades
We are still bleeding here. With the situations, curfews and all, we can't compare ourselves to the evacuees or even the hostages. We are all stuck or better yet we are trap in our own house! How difficult is that? The worst thing is we can't explain how afraid and nervous we are. Thinking what would be the next? Who would be the next hostages or what not! Call as over acting, paranoid but yes, that's the real situation here. If only people who talked about us being OA and etc are here to understand, feel and experience these tragedy with us. 

But with all these things, I thought of some inspirations that would help me touch some of my fellow Zamboanguenos heart! So, I turned it into action and let my mama help me sort of some clothes, shoes and stuff toys for the evacuees! Didn't distribute the things yet because we are not yet done on sorting things out. I hope I could touch their lives in my own little way soon. Hope you are all doing well and inspire others with your actions! God bless x