When heat and humidity strike...

"When heat and humidity strike, the last thing you want to do is spend an eternity styling your hair, only for it to end in the F word: frizz. But that doesn't mean you need to settle for a ho-hum hair day." These five best celebrity cuts of the moment are quick, simple, and not the least bit boring! Some important tips before we start:

  • HAIRCUTS FOR EVERY LENGTH - Need fresh hair inspiration? Check out our brand-new roundup of the most flattering short haircuts, bobs, shoulder-length cuts, and long styles.

  • CUTS FOR EVERY FACE SHAPE - Find the best styles for your face shape—whether it's round, oval, square, or heart-shaped.

  • YOUR PERFECT HAIR COLOR - The right shade can brighten your skin and emphasize your eyes. The wrong one can wash you out and add years. Learn how to color your hair right—even spectacularly.

  • AND EVEN, FIND YOUR BEST BANGS! - Bangs can enhance any face shape—if you wear them the right way, that is!


ROUNDED Anne Hathaway 

You don't need a breakup-or any excuse for that matter--to inspire a serious chop. The newest short cuts are feminine, flattering, and just plain cool. 

ALLURE TIP: Straight, blunt lines can look too masculine and severe on shorter styles. Keep the cut feminine with textured, wispy ends.


Shoulder-length hair­: "It's the magical length," says hairstylist Harry Josh. "It has the flexibility of long hair, great for a bun or ponytail, but it can do its own thing down." Though you don't need a wand to pull it off, there are a few tricks involved--and the ones we've rounded up are way easier than pulling a rabbit out of a hat. 


If you want to add bangs to a long hairstyle, look no further than Swift's '60s cut.  Also, ask your hairstylist to snip up into the ends so they're not too blunt and add a few light, graduated layers in front. As for the rest of your hair, you could keep it one length or sprinkle in a few light layers. 

FRONT LAYERS Allison Williams 

How long can you go? If these celebrities are any indication, as long as you want-just throw in some layers or bangs to complement your face shape and hair texture. Here, our favorite long-locked looks and how to get them.

TAPERED ENDS Sarah Jessica Parker 

Parker's long-layered cut removes bulk and keeps her natural spirals from ballooning out. Her horizontal layers start at collarbone level in the back but remain long in front. 

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