Penshoppe Boyfriend's Polo | Kikay Style Bonjour Tee | House Of Kezelle's Skate Skirts
Fab Kikay's Sunnies | Michael Antonio Heels

Bonjour! Rocking my boyfriend's long-sleeved polo shirt tied around my waist for a short update! My third mixed and matched clothes during my Manila escapade! If you saw and read my previous post, I wore the skater skirt on the first day and the boyfriend's polo on the second day. See the magic of creativity? I just thought of the trying the trend which is a polo tied around my waist! What can you say? Did you like it? Well, I somehow like the outcome!  Of course I didn't wear the heels while chilling with Rhea and Chelsea! Instead I opted to wear something comfortable which is my transparent flats from @ZaloraPH! The simple, the better!

Anyway, How are you guys? 1 month and a half days to go and I am taking my NLE Exam! Wish me luck! I hope you still support me whether I pass or fail! Meh! But of course I will do my best to make you proud! Yay! So, until my next post! Have a good day! x