Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue...

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How's everyone? I'm updating with a sad news. :( A close friend just left us. Remember on my previous post about Angel of www.angelzophiel.blogspot.com? Yes. She just passed away last Wednesday, November 20. But despite all these things, I thanked God for not prolonging her agony. It's been a month since she suffered and I know she's in good hands now..with God! :")

I/We never expected this to happen because she's too young but only God knows why. I wanna share everything with you but I'll keep it to myself and will cherish those moments in my heart forever. We have to let those special people who are very close in our hearts feel how truly special they are to us before it's too late. We'll never know!

I wore this color blue and white blocking top to symbolize for peace and added a spikey necklace to symbolize how strong she was fighting her illness during those tough moments! Anyway, I'm going to have a closet sale this weekend, everything below P300.00 only. Hope you can support me for Angel! Thanks! x