Cheer up

Cheer up!


PMLP Apparel Snap Back | Sweater from Mom | SM_GTW Skirt |Converse Sneakers

Hi everyone. It's good to be back! Let me adjust my time and hopefully will be active again soon! So how's everyone going? My mind is still occupied with some stuff. Thinking what to do next? A new year is finally coming and I wonder what 2014 has in store for me! I'm planning to get my first ever job soon! Any suggestions where can I apply or what nice work to apply? Am I going to continue my 
photographer skills? My love for fashion? Or whatnot? Now you know how confuse I am! Haha I'm kinda turning-a-new-page stage in my life and I don't know where to start! In the meantime, let me share to you a feminine sporty outfit wearing your favorite SM_GTW Skirt. When something goes wrong, just wear something cozy to cheer you up and grab your sneakers on! Don't forget your snap back from PMLP Apparel for a sporty total package look! x