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I heard a lot about this soap and so curious about it! I was wondering why japanese celebrities used this and why is it very expensive?
Good thing they gave me free samples and tried for myself. They gave me these two:
  • Tokyo Love Soap Original -This original version of the Tokyo Love Soap family started the intimate soap trend all over the world. Tokyo Love Soap Original is made up of 100% vegan skin whitening ingredients that is capable of making the skin complexion perfectly even as well as dramatic skin whitening after just one use. Using Tokyo Love Soap Original everyday will leave your skin and the intimate areas smelling fresh, glowing, smooth and amazingly rosy-white! You will be surprised how easy and affordable it is to get that Japanese and Korean celebrity skin!
  • Tokyo Love Soap Pure GirlsTokyo Love Soap Pure Girls is the newest Tokyo Love Soap! Originally intended to be formulated with Hydrolyzed Elastin and Hydrolyzed Swiftlet Extract for a tighter vagina and smoother skin, other ingredients are thrown in to make it live up to the tokyo love soap legacy of making the skin whiter, poreless and amazingly noticeable in just one wash! We guarantee that people will notice how amazing your skin is in just a few wash. Pure girls will also prevent odor coming from the groin area and underarms for a 24 hour period! Perfect for your intimate moments! 
I honestly like the soap. Just a few days of applying and it right away gave me a smooth skin. The scent smells good too! We all know that I have a 'morena' type of skin and It didn't lighten my skin though I didn't expect it to happen 'cause I was born with dark skin already. Maybe these kind of soaps are meant to japanese, koreans or all with fair skin type. I'm pretty sure, It will lighten their skin more.

Swing on over their site, a best promo awaits you! Just click the photo below! x
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