I'm so sorry for being MIA lately. You know how happy a person could be if he or she passed the board exam! It is something I really really want and God just gave that privilege to me! I really don't know how to thank him but Lord thank you so much!! I've been a busy bee since the result came out. It was one hell of a party, left and right! Actually until now but I can't help not to blog!

This is just a short update while I was trying to opt that boyfriend's jeans look! Though it was my moms jeans, it looks like a one anyway. I was trying to do a slouchy or baggy (whatever you call it) sporty look but I doubt. It was not the perfect timing, the mood, place, and etc. Maybe I could try another one and achieve more than this. Nonetheless I love the outcome! How about you? Have you tried wearing or opted that boyfriend's jeans look? Share it with me!x