Denim x Leopard


SM GTW Seventeen Denim Top | Leopard Scarf & Skirt from Mom | Michael Antonio Heels

Sorry for not updating my blog for how many days. I've been very busy preparing my requirements for work. Yes you heard it right! I'm leaving soon and I have to process everything before I leave. Yay! I'm so excited for the opportunities and blessings coming along my way. I will share it with you soon!

In the mean time, let me share to you a rawr outfit from my mom's closet! Raiding our mom's clothes are cool. Agree? You don't have to worry about laidback pieces 'cause mommah will always solve the problem! 

Anyway, update your casual style by this Seventeen Denim Top from SM GTW. The button-down top will give you opportunity to show up your look while flattering your figure plus the versatile skirt that will take you somewhere looks effortlessly. What do you think about the whole get up? Are you going to wear a hippie look like mine or will you style it with something else? x