I salute you

I salute you!

Scarf from Peppermint | Top from Mom | 
Thrifted Shorts | Booties from Dresslink.com
I didn't know job hunting would be this confusing! It is very confusing! I swear! Did you feel the same way while you were looking for a job? Well, you will really find difficult time when no ones giving nor showing some support. Honestly, I'm confused if I will move out the city and look for other opportunities or to stay here while waiting for some companies to respond where I have applied. What do you think? Move out or stay? Help! 

Anyhow, I salute myself for not giving up and for not losing hope despite what I am going thru. So here's a soldier inspired look for you. This simple basic long sleeves top from my mom is perfect for casual wear. Every girl needs a pair of shorts in her wardrobe, and these thrifted shorts are the perfect pick. What do you think?

I thought of pairing a camouflage prints cap to meet my soldier look goal and channel a wonderfully feminine look in this ultra soft scarves from Peppermint. Don't forget also to pull off a bold look on casual days in this fun booties! x