Will you be my Valentine?

 Artwork Top | StyleStunner Manila Skirt | Michael Antonio Heels

I was so eager to post this outfit days ago but I couldn't find time to finalize everything. But thanks for today and I decided to make this my Valentine's Day Special post. So, Will you be my Valentine?

This was a cramming shoot taken last December and obviously I don't know what to wear. I just grabbed anything and mixed/matched during the shoot. As you can see, I turned my Artwork Tee into a midriff! All hail the high slit skirt from StyleStunner Manila, it will save you from your boring outfits! It’s finally time for the high slit to shine! StyleStunner Manila offers a wide variety of stylish apparels that are both trendy and comfortable. Keep things classy and posh with their collections! What are you wearing today? Show me a picture and tell me why! Stay happy and in love guys! x