Roll It

 Roll it!
Denim Top from Dresslink | Kikay Style Boy London Top | Leather Shorts and Bag from Chicnova

How are you doing guys? I'm doing great despite the homesick drama! Haha I'm still looking forward to see my loved ones here with me. Ahh! You don't have to worry if you are single, you just have to party all night and that's it! Life's great! But it's not applicable to me now since I have a family I call it my own. If you know what I mean. Party all night cannot be replace a simple family bonding! I should continue rolling the dice until I get what I want! I hope you too!

Let's roll it and continue to dress up like there's no tomorrow! I'm feeling hippie today with Dresslink  and Chicnova's pieces! I never knew denim and leather would look good together. It's amazing how simple pieces with great materials could turn your whole get up into something. Agree? Add a standout pieces to your wardrobe now by visiting their sites! x