The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black!

Top and Skirt from @themannequinZC

Hi Guys! As usual, I've been busy with work lately. I got the chance to spend a 2 week rest with my two boys. Yes you heard it right! Just a random unplanned vacation. Meh! Not a good idea though I appreciate it. Common! Tell me I'm rude but let's be practical now. I just don't poop $$$ here, I'm working hard for it! Anyhow, I still thanked God 'cause I got the chance to see my little boy. You know how much I miss him! Naww! *sniff* Enough with the drama! Haha
You know there are times you just want to be simple and plain. Were in you're not in the mood to play with colors. Just plain and blank! Well, as what I always say, you should always look good either you wear simple or elegant clothes. But of course, let's make sure that we look presentable at all times! Okay? Black is a forever staple that you can never go wrong. It will never go out of style! My outfit may be plain and black but there's something that makes it interesting! What do you think? It's the flare leatherette skirt! Thanks to @themannequinZC for this! Hope you like my outfit post today. How will you wear or style an all black outfit? Would love to hear your thoughts! Till my next post! x