Girly Geek

Top from  Kameezaline | Shorts from Ifassion

How are you guys going? Nothing's new for me, I'm pretty pressured, busy with work as usual. One thing I am sure about, I miss blogging, taking my OOTD's (got no one to take my photos // someone who relay on timer/remote) Meh! Haha So many backlog, If only I can update my blog every now and then I would. I'm still crossing my fingers for a lot of opportunities to improve this blog. From OOTD photos to more posts and all. Hang in there guys okay? I will do my best to work everything's out!

As of the moment, let me share to you this simple girly geeky outfit I got from Kameezaline. It's good to see how simple pullovers could manage your whole get up these past few days. It gives you or shall I say it makes your outfit fashionable in a snap of a second. Agree? Well for me it is. Hah! Simple get up won't make your look boring. Just carry with confident and that's it! Gonna see you on my next post. Another giveaway and going to share my Summer Vacation soon! See you! x