My first


Topfrom Ifassion | Skirt from House of Keezelle
Hi guys! I'm back! I decided to update my backlog and hopefully for continues update! I'm still working on my Summer Post. Hah! Wait for it! So are you guys doing good with June? No more first day of school for me but I have my first payday, first job, and whatnot. Of course, we all have our first and we have to cherish every moment whether it's good or bad. That's life it's the matter of how you handle things!

Anyhow, I really don't know if I inspire you guys whether with my OOTD's or what I share to you behind all those photos but I hope I do even in my own little way. Oh by the way, I just updated my About Me section, you can read it here. It's my own perspective, why exist! Nothing too special with my outffit post, just the Customized Meow Top from iFassion! You just have to pair it with your favorite skater skirt or highwaisted shorts! You cane ven match it with your comfortable sneakers! That's it and your all good! See you on my next post! x