I've Been Away x OOTD

Find out why I've been away for awhile...

So what are you up to lately? Do you want to know why I have been away for a while now? Say yes, say yes! Haha

I've got a home-based job! Horraaay! Honestly, I accepted the job with hesitation but look at now I can't even update my blog! Hehe Hit me a message, if you are interested. We're looking for you!

Let me sideline my job first, I’m a reporter slash writer! Am I? I have never imagined being one except to be a blogger who writes anything under the sun! Check my articles at idesigntimes.com and please please don't forget to share my interesting news! Bookmarked the link, if you want to get updated!

I miss working literally, where in I stressed myself thinking what to wear everyday. Stressed? Whatever! Haha That sweater that I matched with checkered skirt are just a good combo! Don't forget the super perf combat booties to give that rockin' ensemble! Are you worried walking without that catchy blingy? Hey remember, less is more! What do you think? x