Cherry Blossoms x Giveaway

 How did cherry blossoms on my dress?

Yay! New outfit post and giveaway for you guys! I ain't celebrating any special occasion as of the moment but maybe I'll consider this as a treat before I kick off to work again! Yes, you heard it right. I'm working pretty soon! How about you? What keep you busy?

I'm so happy ever since I molded myself back to God and in time I will share how God works in my life. Though I could feel it now but I want to share the entire thing (not totally maybe the obvious one) through an inspirational post that will inspire you too. For now, let's wait for that "one day." 

Meanwhile, let's see how did cherry blossoms on my dress! I opted a minimal outfit in a simple body-hugging dress to emphasized my one-week-post-partum body (uh-huh! I know what you think!) and paired it with a black leather bag and transparent heels. I topped it off with my locks down and  a natural make up. That's what I wore on my baby girl's baptismal. What can you say?

Don't forget to share your thoughts before giving your Giveaway information. I'd be glad reading it! Anyhow, here's the giveaway treats:

  • Hodge Podge Items
  • Gift from ME
  • 15 classes from Daloy Dance Company
  • Beauty Loot
  • $15 Paypal Cash
P.S. International Giveaway has started on July 6 until July 31, 2015. Giveaway winners will be announced on August 1, 2015. Be sure to check who won the giveaway and email the shipping information at Giveaway winners should send their details within 48 hours or otherwise, we will choose another winner. Don't forget to do all the mandatory instructions! Goodluck and thank you! ♥