Bad Hair Days Are Coming

I’m back! These past few weeks, I’m having bad hair days. To the point I want to trim my hair to short and anything in between.

I am actually experiencing a falling hair and I really don’t know what is the reason behind it. I asked some advices with my friends and some tell me to cut it short or to have a treatment.

I actually haven’t tried treating my hair ever since and I thought of any other solutions that would lessen my stress. I’m thinking of alternatives ones that would be a hassle free on my part!

Have you ever tried wearing a wig? Hah! Well, as you know I’m a reporter slash writer in and I have to be up-to-date with celebrities.

As I was looking for topics, I’ve seen a lot of Hollywood stars who opted to wear weird or rainbow wigs. Well, not on my part but I want to try it just the natural one. And I check  for wig styles and here are my two choices. 
Fashion Fluffy Side Bang Short Curly Cute Chestnut Brown Synthetic Wig For Women 
This short wig that I want but I wonder if it will suits me. What do you think? Maybe, I will look younger but at least I don’t need to worry about the long hair to fall.
Fashion Fluffy Side Bang Long Wavy Ladylike Chestnut Brown Synthetic Wig For Women - On the other hand, I want this long wavy or somewhat curly hair and I don’t need to comb it because it’s in style already. Yay!
What about fedora hats? I’m into fedora and I would to hide my hair but still in style. Check below:

Charming PU Belt Design Candy Color Hemming Woolen Fedora For Women blue black - This one is for a night out. You don’t have to worry about your bad hair day as long as you wear this fedora hat on your head at $5.60 only.


Chic Belt Decorated Fedora Hat For Women - 

While this $12.88 hat is for a morning or afternoon stroll at the Park or at the beach.

How will you treat your hair? Will you go for a treatment or you want to try alternative ones that would still make you stylish at the same time! Yay! Let me know your ideas while waiting for the giveaway! x