Wedding Dress For Lifetime Promise

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Howdy! We all know I am a Zamboangueña and I'm a fashion blogger who wants to dress up too. New Year is around the corner and got countless of invites already for these coming holidays. This is one of the reason why I love end of the year!
Not just that, also a lot of couple wants to tie-the-knot before the year ends. December is one of the best months to get marry and mind you, I got one cousin who will get hook up soon and his soon-to-be wife is asking for wedding dress tips or ideas.

Of course, I gave her sets of unique wedding dress uk of modadress. Have you ever heard this shop? Actually, "moda" means dress up. This is a perfect word to every fashion enthusiast who are excited to get marry. What is your choice? Here's mine:
 Empire Halter Neckline Embroidery Most Well-Formed Beading Wedding Lincoln Dress
-I was looking for a versatile design that would standout and not just like any other. I think this T feature makes the gown unique. We are used to see a bride to be wearing lace details or long sleeve and whatnot. Just like other fashion guru we have to try versatile style for ua to try something new.
 Over-coat Sheath Sweetheart Most Well-Formed Neckline Wedding Lincoln Dress
-This is not just your ordinary dress. Even it features the usual lace desigb but look at the inner piece. It standouts naturally and you can't compare the style with other lace dress because it's mini cut that makes it unique. Would you agree?

Did you like it? Check their site now for more beautiful and stunning dresses, and let me know which one would you pick for your special day! Enjoy your weekend!