Curling Iron No More

I honestly missing my long hair these past few days. Thinking to let it grow long once more...
I remembered every time I am experimenting it with my hair iron. It's just the best combo! Curling or making it straight and whatnot. It feels so good if you got to style your hair!
Then I realized that it takes time for me to have or make it grow faster. So I decided to search for some alternatives and thought of trying a wig? WHY NOT!!
I've been searching great stuff and was bumped into these cheap lace-front-african-american-wigs from Cocowig! It is just so perfect because they have a lot of options.
120% Wavy Lace Front Cap 18 Inches Human Hair
This is my pick! Not because I love Beyonce but look at the beach wave, it looks so natural right? That's how I like it. I am trying to achieve this wave often and can't even do it perfectly! Well, knowing I could get this look by wearing a wig from Common! I won't hassle myself curling and not getting the perfect waves! What do you think?