Current Favorite

 What do you think is my current favorite? Yay!

I don't know how but when I started embracing life haha kidding! When I started  working, a lot of people mistakenly thought I'm young but yea, looks can be deceiving sometimes. I look younger than my age and one time my workmate let me tried her lippy and voila, I got excited to get one for myself!

What a good timing while I was checking something at the Dept Store, Maybelline was on sale! Yay! So I chose the shade similar to my workmate's lippy!

Tadah! It's Burgundy Blush! It's to die for, promise! Some still get mistaken with my look but hey I got a lot of compliment because of the lippy! Heee! Check out Maybelline for more exciting shades and discounts. Hurry while there are still on sale! x