Father's Day

Yay! Half of the year has been tough and I want to thank my dad for always being there for me through good or bad times.

I am very blessed to have such father like him and I want to dedicate this post to him. We have different closeness with our father dearest, some maybe close and some may not but for this coming father's day we have thank them for everything because without them we will not be where we are right now. 

So what are you planning to coming special day? Me? I got know idea! Hah! But I am thinking to prepare food or buy something for him. If I will be cooking, I might prepare pasta, ice cream or whatever that will pop in my head. If things, I want to buy him a shirt, shoes or things like these:



But I was able to pass by the mall recently and saw this glass with imprinted qoute, "World Best Dad!" like this, below!
It is ideal as a Father's Day present. The special message will guarantee a smile from your dad every he use it.

How about you? What are you planning to do for your father? Please check, www.giftslessordinary.com/au and  specializing in unique gifts and handcarfted luxuries. Let me know I might like that too! x