But wait, there's more! "Saan Aabot Ang Bente Pesos Mo?" fundraising project is not yet over! ðŸ˜‰ We are thrilled to continue this raise with you! Second wave is in full effect. 

We gave more strength and hope to our dear frontliners of AFP Medical Center - V. Luna General Hospital.
We are grateful to extend our campaign to Tondo Medical Center and happy to see that we were able to share it with the different frontliners in the hospital.
We're all eager to end this pandemic soon but might as well move forward and accept that this is really the "new normal."
Nevertheless, we are still keeping our goal to share the blessings to our dear front liners. And this time, we have made some happy tummies at Providence Hospital! 
From Manila let's travel now somewhere in Southern Luzon! ðŸ›« Our humble donations and sponsors have reach it's help to the Happy Island: Catanduanes! ðŸŒŠ
Are you ready for us Queen City of the South?! ðŸ¤© We were able to reach Cebu! ðŸ³ 
We are reaching towards the end, but not the finale yet.  From Visayas let's jump to Mindanao. Hola, Zamboanga! Buenas dias!!! 
We are now on our last stop of our fundraising campaign called Saan Aabot ang Bente Pesos Mo? and we are out on the field!🚨

From the usual hospital donations, we decided to make a twist. ðŸ˜˜ Our dearest Frontliners doesn't only apply to the Health Workers but also to our dedicated Police and Soldiers. ðŸš§ As we give you one big respected salute, we thank you for your courage. ðŸ‘