I am very excited to share videos of Joel Osteen every Sunday with you guys because it's a sequence on how I went through during the quarantine, how I struggled and overcame the difficulties.

From starting to protect my peace and now, looking for greater things coming my way. Are you ready? Let's watch it together. Just 20 to 30 mins of your time! ✨

We all face setbacks in life and things we don't understand. But to see the greater, we have to go through the sufferings. But remember, the suffering is a set up. God allowed the difficulty, not to make us miserable but to restore us to greater honor.

Are you going through tough times now? Joel Osteen's video is reminding us that it is not how your story ends.

Key🔑 Let's not focus on the suffering but focus on the glory that is coming!

The suffering is a test. Let's not get discourage, not give up on our dreams,  and not lose our passion.
Go through the sufferings with A GOOD ATTITUDE.
I really learned to do this, keeping a good attitude despite everything. That's why from my previous blog post, I have to keep my peace first, so I could help myself to be a better person because it always starts within us. Suffering with a smile!

Every setback is a setup for God to take us further, to launch us into a new level. We couldn't become who we are created to be without the struggles, without the disappointments, without the bad break. 

And sometimes we won't be able to find anyone else to encourage us, that's God letting us know that we have to encourage ourselves! Let's not allow things to still our joy and sour our lives.

When we get our passion back, and go after what belongs to us, God will have the right people in our path to help us. He will have divine connection, people that will use their experience, their expertise, to take us where we couldn't go on our own. 👉This happened to me few months ago!!! 🙏

Even when people dishonor you, don't worry God knows how to calls you to shine. People may try to discount you and push you down but you are not who people say you are, you are God says you are. 

Darling, God calls you a masterpiece. He calls you fearfully and wonderfully made. You have royal blood falling in through your vein.

Let's not try to figure out all the whys of life, all that going to do is to frustrate us. There is a reward for going through a difficulties with a great attitude. So instead of complaining, let's start praising! 🙏 Have a great Sunday ahead! 💕